About Sims Archives

Sims Archives is a website about the Sims franchise, this site aims to gather all the archives about the game, but also to pay tribute to the developers of the game who continue to offer us content to this day. Before going into more details, my name is Greg, I've been in the Sims community for 16 years, I'm part of the simmers who have seen the game evolve since the beginning. I've been the webmaster of two websites, known as Sims De Toi and SimCookie, it's thanks to these two websites that I was able to create Sims Archives.

The goal of Sims Archives

Unfortunately, with time, Electronic Arts and Maxis have closed all the official sites of their games. The goal is to share what may have been shared on the official sites, such as press releases, programs offered as downloads, wallpapers and more. It is important to note that we are not the owners of the downloads offered on the site. These are downloads that were offered as downloads on the official sites. Our goal is also to bring back a little bit of nostalgia in the Sims community.

We are also a site offering a little bit of news about the games of the franchise. It is also possible to find information about the games of the saga. The site is proposed in French and English for the moment.

Please note that we do not offer downloads of the games on the site.

Who can participate?

For sure, there is a lot of information missing that we don't have, but simmers can participate in the enrichment of the site by contacting us.

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